Extend API to Include Customer Credit & Credit Notes

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Right now there is no ability access, create and apply credit notes for the API. This greatly limits the API in a way which prevents a key function from being able to be integrated 

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  •  I have a sophisticated analytics integration with Zoho Analytics, and Postgresql for clients who have other BI solutions. I can use multiple API connection for fast performance, it is cached in a JSON database for speed and power and creation of intermediate tables for new types of reporting ...  it has various kinds of automatic data reconciliations ... it is very advanced.  So it is almost infuriating that I must be blind to stand-alone credit notes. These are simple objects ... why is this a gap in an otherwise very complete API?

  • This is really important for us too. We make use of credit notes in both forms (i.e. within a sales order, and as a stand-alone transaction). It is really annoying that we can get access to some of these transactions, but not others.
  • I agree, this API update would really help our business analytics and allow us to be more accurate with our reporting

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4 people like this idea
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