Customer Favorite Items / Top Ten Frequently Purchased?

started a topic almost 2 years ago

Is it possible within DEAR that we can have a list of customers favorites / top ten? most frequently purchased items as a suggestion when creating a new order? 


Most of our sales are 'ring in' where the customers gives a brief description of what they want and the sales team in a rush as most sales people are frequently choose the wrong item from what a customer usually orders. 


Eg we have have 2 types of 12oz coffee cups, it would be great to see (easily) which one that customer regularly buys without having to go elsewhere and check sales history to see what they've purchased before. This doesn't tend to happen as it adds so much additional time to processing the order.


We had a similar feature in Tradgecko previously and had much less selling point errors with that in place so it would be good to see it in DEAR.

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