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Currently there are 2 work flows when using the DEAR WMS which could be improved:

1. When using the DEAR WMS app, when you scan the BIN location you need to make sure the scanner keyboard is open to hit enter to move the curser to the next data field (eg: item). This actually happens throughout the app that you need to use the keyboard to navigate.

Is it possible to do this automatic to be more efficient?

2. When an order has multiple qty of the same item (eg: 4 x 1234) is it possible to scan the item individually 4 times? Yes there is an option to amend the qty scanned but this leaves the door open to pack the incorrect qty as there is no check in place for the other 3 items.

If anyone else has any requests on improving the functionality of the WMS, it would be great to hear your thoughts

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  • Yes you definitely need to be able to configure the scanner to automatically scan then tab/Enter to next field

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  • On point number 2, if scanning repeatedly for qty isnt an option, at least make the ability to manually adjust qty much simpler.. it;s very cumbersome at the moment.. Qty should be able to be manually updated with max of 3 steps/taps on the screen

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  • A few things we are struggling with using DEAR WMS.

    1. Ability to have a merge field on the order template that will create scannable barcode on paperwork to enter the SO or INV number into WMS when entering the order number for the start of the pick process. The current WMS blank search screen is really inefficient requiring either slow manual entry or the ridiculous if you're busy method of pressing search and finding an order in a list.
    2. Allow for Totes numbers to be reuseable since there is no SO barcode creation currently. The single-use of a tote number has caused problems due to speed and confusion issues in trying to implement. We intended to pick using plastic bins of various sizes all using static numbers. i.e. SO-38472 would go in tote 031 until the order was fulfilled. Then tote 031 would be returned to the tote pool of available numbers. This could be done by making tote numbers the same as the SO number to keep them together, but without barcodes on paperwork, this again slows the workflow and adds manual user typing error back in the mix.
    3. A reiteration of both of Steve's points. Number 2 especially. There have to be more automatic and less cumbersome QC type features to the Pick/Pack functions, or a lot of the point of the WMS is gone. Right now there are holes that picks can fall through when making packing errors.

  • Please minimize the windows during the scans. When we receive a big POs, in order to scan all the items we have to arrange it before the scanning process because the app can't be used to scan multiple qty of the same item without going back and forth through the screens. It will be helpful if you can scan all the arrived items regardless of the arrangement of the goods and the system will give you a final report that shows the discrepancies between the PO and what you have scanned! 

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5 people like this idea
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