WMS app - make the auto-authorisation of the Ship tab once Pack is confirmed, optional

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Currently when completing a Pack function in WMS, the Ship tab is also authorised - DEAR advises that this is the case where a Shipping service is not connected to DEAR.

I am requesting that this auto-authorisation of Ship tab where no shipping service is connected, is made optional so that ship tab can be confirmed manually after Pack.

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  • I agree with this as you don't know which carrier is going be used until the order is packed and the total number/dimensions of cartons are known. Many businesses have more than one freight carrier they use and often it can be cheaper to consign the order on a pallet.

    The process with the WMS app at the moment is backwards from how these process is when using a PC.......... I think the WMS app should be used to pick/pack (verify the order) and use a PC to ship/consign the order which integrates/syncs with a shipping solution like Shippit/Shipstation

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