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In this situation, client has base unit = 1 linked to additional UOM being carton = 10.

Sale Order comes in for 1 x Carton (among other items). We have no stock of base unit, so obviously no cartons "available" and therefore order goes on Split Order or Backorder. If Backorder, Fulfilment #1 is generated for other items, and completed with Invoice.

Stock arrives in for base unit and we now have enough to fulfil a carton according to Product Availability.

THIS is the point where we become stuck in having to perform extra tasks in order to fulfil the sale.

Problem #1 - the Sale Backorder Summary Report does not show Quantity Available, only Quantity On Hand. This means the Carton unit shows 0 stock, always, and we have to either look it up/report on it manually, or rely on memory that that item can be fulfilled.

Problem #2 - now that we know we have to fulfil that order, we open the Sale Order (which is Advanced Sale), and we go to create Fulfilment #2 and Pick. The problem here is that the system does not recalculate the quantity available to pick of the auto-assembled item, therefore we still appear to have 0 to pick and cannot progress further.

To resolve Problem #2 we now have two options:
1) Undo the whole sale order, reauthorise (to prompt recalculation of auto-assembled item availability), then re-do Fulfilment #1 and Invoice #1 as well as commence Fulfilment #2; OR

2) Manually Assemble the quantity required using New Assembly, then go and create Fulfilment #2 in the Sale Order, and Pick/Fulfil/Invoice the carton item.

Both of these options severely slow down order processing in a busy environment.

My feature requests therefore are as follows:

Problem #1 - please add "Quantity Available" to the Sale Backorder Summary Report

Problem #2 - please have DEAR recalculate quantities available to pick for auto-assembled items either

a) dynamically in the background so Pick tab will allow us to pick the item without undoing the whole sale order, or

b) by putting a new button on a Pick tab called "Recalculate Quantities" - this could be present in Simple or Advanced Sale, and gets around the issue in Simple Sale where there'd be no prompt button to recalculate these (unlike in Advanced, where you could potentially tie that function to Pick Remaining or Pick Available button).

If I am missing something here and someone from the community wants to enlighten me on a better way, please reply here or email me

I do understand having the inability to do this for manually assembled items, but for auto-assembly or additional UOM items, we would then be forever undoing sale orders.

Thank you


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  • I can confirm this occurs even when the originating sales order contains Auto-Assembling products with sufficient component stock to assemble. All it takes is one product on the sales order that is tangibly out of stock and when moved to backorder the Auto Assembling product is assumed backordered as well and does not generate it's corresponding assembly (FG) process.

    Your work around with Undo though technically correct and a great idea is not foolproof from human error and should not be the expected standard process.

    Hope to see a fix on this as soon as possible as I don't believe this used to be an issue.

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