Dear WMS - picker/packer accountability and carton details for shipping!?

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How can a note be added by the pick and packer at the time of competing a scanned pack, that states for example carton qty's, weights and dimensions so shipping info can be entered? This information would also then need to be seen at the time of authorising the pack, preferably at the 'ship' point as this is when we enter the carton details into our third party freight carrier program (separate process from dear, but connote number is brought into dear).

Also, there is no function in WMS to select which user is packing an order. We require a certain level of accountability as we have several Packers, yet there is no option to say who is responsible for a pick. Please correct me if we are missing something here?

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  • Tanyav

    You haven't missed anything as its a feature which isn't a priority for DEAR. I agree with you and think that this is an important feature for any WMS as at the moment there is no accountability if an order is incorrect.

    I would I thought that in the pick stage there would be a drop down box which a user would select their name and that is that. Having this option would allow you to customize reports by picker.

    I made a request 6 months ago about the same topic as you - so I look forward to hear what other users think about this feature request.

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2 people like this idea
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