• Which price list are you looking for? The tiered pricelists can be exported from inventory (they are part of the standard inventory export). Yes, you have to remove all the columns you don't want, but that is not much work, and you almost certainly going to need to edit the CSV anyway. 

    Customer-specific pricelists already have their own export option.

  • Hi Tim,

    I use the Price list feature provided that enables you to modify the template. I have templates that are customer specific. Some just retail. Some with wholesale pricing. Some with photos. Some with bar codes.  It also has many options in regards to filtering products to include. I use tags to filter what products are on each price list. This all works perfectly. Our customers get updated lists each month with everything specific to them.

    The problem is they then load these products and pricing into their websites and or internal sales systems. This is a manual process. They haev been asking for the list in CSV so that they can import into their systems. Currently the price list can be exported in pdf and Word. This is great. However if CSV as a third option for export it would be perfect. Lists would be automated and only include what you require and be in a format that they can import.

  • That makes sense. You want to use the filtering feature to generate CSVs matching the price list format you are already providing.

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