Add ability to import or directly enter Last or starting Average Cost for new items

started a topic almost 2 years ago


For product SKUs having a Bill of Material it is always desirable to be able to view the "rolled up" cost for the bill of materials using either or both Average Cost or Last Cost.  As both of these cost elements are accumulated and calculated by DEAR standard workflow, it is not possible to set these values when no purchases have ever been processed for the effected Bill of Material component SKUs.

Enhancement Required (e.g. opportunity for solution)

  • Provide opportunity to either directly enter, or use / reuse product import template to set average (or last) cost for SKUs where no average cost currently exists.

For existing product, ADD Product SKU related column for "Last Average Cost" which would always hold the last calculated value for Average Cost EVEN WHEN quantity on hand goes to zero (0).  If this column were added, then a corresponding method for either direct entry or import (override) of this value would be needed.

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