B2B Portal - Stock In / Stock Out Flag with Back Orders Not Allowed

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I hope I am not the only one that sees the need for this feature. 

It seems to me that there is likely to be a large number of people using Dear Systems B2B that would want to show the status of a product in the B2B portal (In or Out of Stock) but would NOT want the product backordered – in other words if it is out of stock it is out of stock end of story and cannot be added to the basket. It is VERY important to be able to show the status. Otherwise, as it is currently implemented, if you do not allow back orders customers using the system don’t know that you carry the product if there are none in stock – it just doesn’t appear. 

The logic I would have thought would be that if the In/Out stock flag is set as the default in settings and Back orders are not allowed then the product will appear in the B2B catalog and show as out of stock but what will be missing will be the “Add to Basket” button. Obviously there is a nuance where you might have some in stock but not enough to satisfy the request but then the system simply truncates to the actual number available with a relevant message. 

This setting and behaviour would change my life (and hopefully the life of many others) :)

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  • This would be amazing. Any updates on when this might happen??

  • Totally Agree.

    Having products not display because they are out of stock causes a lot of confusion. We also don't want backorders but would like to display products out of stock. Seems essential and an easy win to implement. 

  • This would be a very helpful feature! I hope it gets developed.

  • This is a must for DEAR to implement. This is a major hurdle to implement this system. We do not want to allow backorders but are FORCED to do so, as otherwise customers believe we have discontinued products that are out of stock as they are hidden. This now has knock on effects of backordered products added the cart impacting on free freight calculations (order value) and general freight calculations. Added to this there is no ability to turn off the backorder options to either "hold and send in full" or to "split the order". 

    This makes the B2B process very messy to implement and confusing for consumers.

    A simple fix. 

    Make the option "Hide out of stock products" independent of "Allow backorders"

    Please fix DEAR

  • We also need this feature....

  • Come on DEAR. This is now 3 years old. It surely must have shuffled up the queue by now. It is still a major headache and even I know this is a trivial update by the standards of some of the things you guys are doing. This doesn't feel like a feature request. This feels like fixing a terrible implementation of a basic workflow process.

  • This feature is 100% needed. 3 years old and no action? Come on!

  • Thanks for your support Paul. Just cannot believe this hasn't been implemented by now. However, it definitely isn't a feature; it's a bug. The current logic is flawed and it is unbelievable that something so simple couldn't have been fixed by now. Maybe the purchase by Cin7 will shake things up a bit but I'm not holding my breath! This is so important to me that I am constantly looking out for alternatives however painful the migration would be. I would say that the inability to show the full catalog without back orders has had a significant impact on revenue over the years which in itself is incredibly painful. Somehow this needs to shuffle to the top of the pile but I have no idea how to make it happen.

  • We also would really like this! We don't take back orders, but want our customers to see out of stock items that we plan to restock.

    If it has an ETA in the system it would be great to have the option to display this too.

    We have a lot of products that are Product Families with multiple options (ie colour or size, or both) and would like to see this apply to option level also - ie the black colour is out of stock it doesn't just disappear from the list, it shows as out of stock with an ETA.

  • Please hurry up with this Dear.  It can't be that hard, Tradegecko could do it, Cin7 can do it.  All this pointless backordering is killing us.   

  • WOO HOO! 

    Only taken 3 years but a MAJOR logic inconsistency has been fixed in the latest release and we can now show our entire catalog on the B2B - WITHOUT taking back orders. The Out of Stock flag works perfectly.

    Honestly, this will change our lives!

    Thank you


  • Yep, have clicked the button already too!  This will make our lives much easier.

    Hopefully the next Dear update will have some bin location reporting!

  • This is an improvement, but for us still some issues.

    You can't see product variations that are out of stock. So if some colours are temporarily out of stock, they just disappear from the list, so our customers can't understand that the product usually comes in more colours.

    To be able to show ETA's that are in the system would be also be really helpful for us.

  • An option to "Email me when back in stock" would be very, very popular with our customers.

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