B2B Portal - Stock In / Stock Out Flag with Back Orders Not Allowed

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I hope I am not the only one that sees the need for this feature. 

It seems to me that there is likely to be a large number of people using Dear Systems B2B that would want to show the status of a product in the B2B portal (In or Out of Stock) but would NOT want the product backordered – in other words if it is out of stock it is out of stock end of story and cannot be added to the basket. It is VERY important to be able to show the status. Otherwise, as it is currently implemented, if you do not allow back orders customers using the system don’t know that you carry the product if there are none in stock – it just doesn’t appear. 

The logic I would have thought would be that if the In/Out stock flag is set as the default in settings and Back orders are not allowed then the product will appear in the B2B catalog and show as out of stock but what will be missing will be the “Add to Basket” button. Obviously there is a nuance where you might have some in stock but not enough to satisfy the request but then the system simply truncates to the actual number available with a relevant message. 

This setting and behaviour would change my life (and hopefully the life of many others) :)

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  • This would be amazing. Any updates on when this might happen??

  • Totally Agree.

    Having products not display because they are out of stock causes a lot of confusion. We also don't want backorders but would like to display products out of stock. Seems essential and an easy win to implement. 

  • This would be a very helpful feature! I hope it gets developed.

  • This is a must for DEAR to implement. This is a major hurdle to implement this system. We do not want to allow backorders but are FORCED to do so, as otherwise customers believe we have discontinued products that are out of stock as they are hidden. This now has knock on effects of backordered products added the cart impacting on free freight calculations (order value) and general freight calculations. Added to this there is no ability to turn off the backorder options to either "hold and send in full" or to "split the order". 

    This makes the B2B process very messy to implement and confusing for consumers.

    A simple fix. 

    Make the option "Hide out of stock products" independent of "Allow backorders"

    Please fix DEAR

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7 people like this idea
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