Product Price Listing for a customer and better way of defining discounts

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It would be very useful to have the ability to view/export  the final product prices applicable to a customer which reflects custom prices, discounts and deals.    

There are a lot of things that affects a product sale price and the ability to see it as a report or export is necessary to determine that the best price is applicable to the customer especially when they are a high value one.

The client we are looking after has over 3K products and over 100 customers have special pricings for  these.  They went live over the weekend and struggle to see what the pricings are across the board and has had to use the old system and suspend using DEAR as the pricings couldn't match up to the old system.    First they can't see what the final pricing is and second, the apply discounts at a product family group level

I guess this is really a request for two new features:

a)  export/view  the product pricing for a customers

b) ability to provide discounts at a product family group level.

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  • Hi Support, 

    I have client who has 1400 clients and over 29,000 unique prices, for these clients. 

    They come in the form of custom prices and quantity breaks. 

    They want to print price lists to there customers, to inform them of any price changes. These changes could happen on a quarterly basis. 

    Can you please look into this issue. 


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