Searching Availability by FIFO

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Hi there! 

It would be great if in the availability report, we could view the bins in order of our FIFO costing method. We store the same product in multiple bins but it's hard to keep track of which bin to pick from for our hundreds of products. When a sale comes in online from Shopify, the DEAR sale order section auto picks, packs and ships for us. We can then pick from the location that DEAR allocated stock from 

But we also sell products in person and sometimes need to pick products before a sale is logged in Shopify. Right now there is no way to tell which bin DEAR will allocate stock from and this has led to many inaccuracies in our system over the years. So it would be nice if the DEAR availability report had a way of listing bins in order of stock allocation so that we know where to take stock from. 

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