Backorder Reporting - easier way to identify Backorders that can be filled

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Having been through the various ways to look at fulfilling Backorders with quite a few clients now, I'd be keen to see the following:

Finding which Backorders can have a new fulfilment created (due to the receipt of new stock)

Currently, it is my understanding that only PO's created using the 'Reorder Backordered' function will prompt the various reports around this to update (eg. the "Find Sale Backorder by Purchase Order", the automated notifications using the automation module, etc). However, many of my clients wouldn't use the 'Reorder Backordered' function to initiate PO's.

Let's say an item is out of stock and added to a sale. The sale therefore goes on Backorder - but due to minimum order quantities, logistics, and other reasons, the business initiates a PO for that item (plus all the others it may need in a normal course of business) only when it has the conditions to - and it does it via direct entry creation of a Simple (or Advanced) Purchase - not via Reorder, Reorder Backordered function.

When the PO created in this example is received, the only way we can work out that the original sale order can be fulfilled, is manually, via the use of the Sale Backorder Details, or Sale Backorder Summary report. These reports are helpful at a basic level - ie. they give you the information in totality, but you still need to look through it to work out what you can fulfill, note those sales orders down (or open them in multiple new tabs) then go and manually fulfill each.

My suggestion is for DEAR to create either one or both of the following functions/reports:

1) A new status of a Sale (ie. move it from Backordered to Backorder Available - or some other apt wording - when one or more lines on that sale order have now arrived into stock - by whatever PO creation method, not just a 'Reorder Backordered' PO). This would allow us to quickly filter the Sale List to identify any orders which are now available to have a new fulfilment added in an Advanced Sale scenario. Then, once that fulfilment was completed and invoiced, the sale would either move to Invoiced/Completed status, or if there were more lines awaiting stock, it could automatically move back to Backordered status until the next lot of stock relating to that sale arrived in. And then the process could start again when the next items arrives into stock.

2) A new report which shows only Backordered sales which are now available to be fulfilled - either partially or fully.

I may be wide of the mark, and maybe there is some other easy way that some DEAR clients use to identify the backorders that can be partially or fully fulfilled, but these are the ideas I have that would make it a hell of a lot easier.

I would be particularly interested in hearing fellow cloud integrators/consultants thoughts on this process and how they've managed to create a streamlined / robust process for this with the existing functionality.

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