Add "Brand" to the on-the-fly new product creation dialog

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HI, when adding new products in a sales order, nearly all the important fields are shown ... but not Brand! 

Could this be added? Brand is one of only two standard product categorisation fields, category being the other, so my clients use it heavily.

We can add additional attributes (very cool), so Brand is really an odd one to miss.

thanks Tim

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  • Good call. I also note the following:

    1) when adding new items via Purchase, only the "Expense account" is available to be set, not Inventory/Revenue/COGS accounts - we would have to go into the product to add them after (time consuming)

    2) when adding new items via Purchase (not sure if it does this for Sale or not too) the Additional Attribute fields can be shown, but they do not seem to follow the logic of the field (ie. where an attribute is setup as a List, the List does not appear and you have to manually type your option. To add to that, it doesn't even prompt your list options as you type, it just appears to revert to a free text field. Not sure what happens if you put an invalid value in there that doesn't appear on the List for that attribute!)

    When adding a new item via Purchase or Sale, it should show all the same fields no matter where you are adding from.

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