Shopify: Minimum integration, simply allowing variant linking for stock updates

started a topic over 1 year ago

Presently, linking an existing Shopify site to Dear is invasive. Publishing Dear products overwrites Shopify data, and pulling products from Shopify creates Product Families. These are both necessary to allow Dear to sync product metadata, such as tags, images and descriptions.

But often, at least for my clients, all we really want is stock sent to Shopify, and orders received from Shopify. For this, we need a link between Shopify variant SKUs and Dear SKUs, and nothing more. 

The current interface changes too much data. And if something goes wrong with the link between Shopify and Dear products, whatever we do results in unwanted metadata changes (since we must unlist and relist).

I request a simpler minimal link. I note that the Cin7i interface does this, and it is much more flexible and robust as a result. 

For reference, please see the discussion around ticket

where Dear support addressed the issue by relinking products. If this approach was available to end-users, much time would have been saved.

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