Expiry dates of FEFO products are not be taken into consideration during picking

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"NOTE: Picking will be based on the guided walk path feature that is programmed into the application to make picking more efficient. Bin locations on the pick list are suggested in alphanumerical order – it is up to the warehouse manager to make sure that alphanumerical order corresponds to the shortest pick path. You can also add Pick Zones to your warehouse to streamline picking. 

NOTE: Expiry dates of products with the costing method FEFO will not be taken into consideration during picking. "

I think it is very necessary to implement FEFO picking in the WMS app. It doesn't make sense to use the current/only picking method (A-Z bins), as our warehouse is small and the priority would be to pick the FEFO product instead of the nearest product. It is designed to go through the whole warehouse anyway. In some cases following the FEFO principle is very important. Now, after we started using the WMS app, we are experiencing 10-15% increase in the products that are expired. That is a huge cost and we are looking for an urgent solution. Could you please review this issue and provide a solution in the near future?

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