Ability to convert a drop ship PO into an Advanced PO

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We would like to be able to convert a drop ship PO into an Advanced PO so that we can receipt more supplier invoices onto the one PO. This can occur when a drop shipped order is only partly supplied by the drop shipper.

A user can currently convert a simple PO into an Advanced PO, we would like to see this same feature on a PO for drop shipped goods.

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  • Agreed.  This is actually a bit of an issue.  

    If a drop ship PO is partially fulfilled by a supplier the first invoice received closes off that drop ship PO despite there being goods that remain on order.  

    To get around this Dear have allowed us to Clone the PO for the remaining quantity & use the same PO number - that would be an OK workaround but any subsequent invoices sent by the supplier against the order cannot be approved because the target PO remains the original PO.   The system shows an Error - "Target purchase already has an authorised invoice".

    The system needs to recognise the cloned PO as the new target or it renders the Dear workaround useless

  • Is there any enhancement in development that would fix this?

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5 people like this idea
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