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The tag field in eCommerce systems is used for more than sorting products. Many developers now use tag logic whereby code checks the tag for links. e.g. amazon# which allows for a button to be created that links to another service. Thus the tag field often exceeds 256 characters which is DEARs limit. If these same products are available in DEARs B2B portal filtered by tags then they may not be listed because many tags were not imported due to this limitation. Suggest expanding the character limit to 1024 characters.

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  • Even increasing it to 400 or 500 characters would help immensely.


  • This is a core requirement for our ecommerce team. 

    Tags are used extensively to filter products on our Shopify storefront via collections pages. Customers rely on these to navigate through our extensive product set.

    Presently, whenever a product is updated in DEAR and pushed to Shopify, we then need to re-upload a backup Shopify product file to preserve existing tags.

    Increasing the DEAR field to 1024 characters would allow us to circumvent this superfluous step.


  • Plyco -  Exactly our problem too. We have just been force to migrate from TradeGecko to DEAR because it is being phased out. And DEAR has truncated all our tags. Basically we will either have to maintain our products on DEAR and Shopify (double work) or drastically rethink our store layout.

    1024 is a minimum length for a quick fix for DEAR's developers. Bascially an upgrade on the maximum database field size and the business logic for sanitizing and trimming. It should be doable and released within a week surely. As a warning to DEAR - this is going to be an issue for many many ex-TradeGecko customers. You need to fix it urgently.

    For future planning though, tags should be a separate data table so that unlimited tags can be attached to a product.

  • We worked around this problem through several actions: 

    • by using metafields in Shopify - as we were using tags for URLs
    • removing our B2B portal on DEAR and adopting a wholesale App on Shopify
    • pulling products from Shopify to DEAR and not the other way around.
    DEAR just hold our inventory, we've really stripped down our dependency on DEAR, even moving our API integration from DEAR to Shopify.
    Now we are in the position to consider alternative Inventory Management systems. Unfortunately none yet meet our accounting requirements but sooner or later something simple and Shopify-dedicated will arise for a much better price than DEAR.

  • Thanks Michael. Unfortunately we need a lot more back-end functionality than what Shopify offers alone, which is part of the reason for setting up on DEAR. Every system has its limitations...

  • Agree - so much logic is baked into our Shopify tags, and we need to ensure our PIM is mastered in DEAR. For this reason, we need the tag length extended to the maximum possible for the current field type as mentioned above.

  • Agree with the comments here - Shopify is so reliant on tags to implement custom features and logic, as well as categorisation and filtering. I would have thought 1024 characters would work for most requirements, but I don't see why it couldn't be more than that even. This would be REALLY useful.

  •  Please, PLEASE do something about this.

  • What would it take to raise the character limit for DEAR product tags? Every time a product sync occurs between DEAR and Shopify our product tags are erased and need to be reentered manually.

    Absolute madness that a fix for this hasn't been implemented. 

  • Please add tag space!

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