Shipping Zones and Carriers

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Dear team, there appears to be a number of inconsistencies related to Shipping Zones and Carriers.

  1. With the integration to Shopify, Shipping Options in Shopify are mapped to Carriers in DEAR but they are not Carriers, they are the Shipping Options of the Carriers. They can generally be mapped to a Carrier via the Tracking code prefix or URL. In many situations, the suppliers Carrier is not known, thus generic options like "National Shipping" need to be listed in the eCommerce software. When a tracking code is returned from the supplier, then Carrier could be decoded by DEAR. We now use the API to perform this function correctly but for those not using code it can be very confusing.

  2. Many Carriers to not have a website whereby the Tracking code can be appended to a URL to pass on to the customer. Often the customer needs to visit the website and type in / paste the tracking code. Thus Carriers in DEAR need a not just a base URL for tracking but a website URL too. This could then be used to auto-generate emails to the customer with either a fully validated tracking URL or the Tracking code and website. We now use the API to solve this and send out emails that are clear for the customer, but for those not using code it can be very confusing.

  3. Shipping Zones would be enhanced if they were per B2B portal or based upon customer tags. Different customer groups may require different shipping options. Our customers just have to understand that the portals are very limited in functionality and they have to select a shipping option which relates to them only. More on the limitations of the B2B portals in another Feature Request.

  4. The infinity symbol if the Shipping Zone options has bugs. Our site was plagued with Shipping Option inconsistencies until the infinity sign was replaced with a high number ($99,999.99) and all worked well after that.

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