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It would make sense to have the possibility to link price tiers together. And they could all be dependent from one to another or only have a master to guide the price up or down. If I say tier 1 is my official price list. I would love to link Tier 2, 3, 4, 5 to it

LEt me explain

T1 is 10 USD

T2 Is reseller and they all get 10% discount. I will tell T2=T1-10% 

T3 Wholesellers get 25% of the T1 thus T3=T1-25% Etc. 

This mean I will only have to change my prices once for all. In case of price increase I do my T1 and unique price and all tiers will automatically update. I should though have the choice to say T5= T7+15% for example...or whatever suits my needs. As long as they are connecting back to the main price I am fine and all works perfectly. That should not however have any affect to the custom prices. 

To be fair that can aslo be done on an Excel spreadsheet but it so hans on...

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  • Yep definitely would be great.
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