Currencies calculation on Sales Documents

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Currently if my customer is using a different currency than my home currency. The SO will not apply any maths to the price tiers applicable to my customer. Let's say he is buying in Indian Rupees and I am using USD. whilst the INR currency display along with the daily or current exchange rate. What would be a 10USD product in my catalogue will show 10 INR - Whilst it should display 700 INR it only displaying 10 INR. Which means I am  losing money big time. I have picked this 2 currencies because it is easy to pick the difference. If you are using USD vs EUR you could be casualy throwing your business away. Because you are eating your margins on each single product sold. It would be so much easier to apply a coef to the relevant tiers price (either to multiply or divide depending on which way the currency is taken). I am actually surprised that topic is not featuring yet. I wonder how you can deal with this matter using a B2B setup - If the system cannot automate exchange rate automatically....this is a shameful flaw if you ask me....

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