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Currently the total shown is the purchase order (See the picture below). It does make sense until the purchase is completed and billed. Once it is billed it would make more sense to display the actual invoice amount. It is confusing to see a different amount since often you place a PO and you do not always know the delivery cost for example. Or you can easily amend the order verbally over the phone. This means the PO amount becomes totally obsolete and irrelevant. If you wish to keep then it would make sense to display both PO amount AND invoice amount. Since you need to undo it all to amend any PO it makes sense only the invoice is amended when it is registered otherwise we are spending time undoing document in order to get the amount right. 

furthermore it is even worst when a Credit note is recieved. As it will then show partially paid. Which is totally WRONG. But if the amount was updating with the invoice and credit note all figures would always be right and the accouting be much sharper.


You can see the attached file for more information

Total PO.jpg
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