Auto Send Invoice from sales on our Ecommerce

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I have a the automation module. But I want to set up a trigger that when a sale from our e-commerce platform is shipped it auto sends the invoice to the customer. Is there a way to do that. Or any way to simply auto send the invoice only from that platform. I don't want to blanket send them for all sales

  • I don't believe the automation module has the ability to filter sales channel before an action is taken. This would be a very valuable addition though.

  • create a new sales person just for the sales channel and you can filter the actions by that. 

  • In case anyone is wondering this. I just created a sale workflow, see picture

  • Download one of the free e-commerce invoice templates.

    Add your contact information, including your official business name. ...

    Insert your company logo and other branding.

    Fill in your customer's information. ...

    Add an invoice number and invoice date.

    List the products or items ordered.

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