increasing the number of product families

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I have been looking into a specific opportunity with Surfboard manufacturing that would suit Dear, and have a client wanting to pull the trigger on a new platform sooner rather than later, however there is a little sticking point around Dear with the limit of 3 product families. Could this be increased?

If the number of product families can be increased, then there could be a real opportunity to roll up a decent sized group of manufacturers in that industry.

There are many product variables in surfboards

core material 
tail shape
fin system
number of fins
glassing configuration

  • Mike, we have a similar situation with our products, and we've set up a set of Additional Attributes for Product specs.

    I'm sure you're familiar with Additional Attributes, but you can have open text fields, drop down list, checkboxes, etc.

    Not sure if that helps?

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  •  thanks so much Daniel. I will see if that can solve my issue..

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