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We have been testing the Dear WMS mobile App and running into a bit of an issue. During the picking stage, there is no quick way to select the product and select the number to pick.

When you select the item, you literally need to retype the whole product code, on a tablet. This seems to be a bigger waste of time then pen and paper and I don't understand why it would be designed as such.

For a tablet, we should be able to select pick order --> touch item to pick, select qty, and finalize the pick. There should be no reason to manually input in the full product code. 

Am I missing something?

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  • Andre H

    We find this frustrating as well as when using the WMS app there is no flow to the process as you need to make sure that you use the keyboard to to manually select.

    Have spoken to customer support a number of times to demonstrate the issue we have encountered - unfortunately there haven't been any fixes/work around to solve the issues.

    I do hope that DEAR work on this and address all the issues/bugs with the WMS app as it does have a lot of potential but if it doesn't make the picker/packer job easier then there is no benefit of advertising the feature. 

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2 people like this idea
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