Dear Systems and ScanSku Barcode scanner? Reviews?

Has Anyone here used the Scan Sku Barcode scanner for picking orders? Any thoughts?

  • I'd be curious to know about this as well. ScanSku is an attractive option for the warehouse.

  • ive been testing. you can use any pda that has a scan feature. doesnt need to be scan sku.

    the app has some issues which could be better. Everything needs to be barcoded, if your product does not have a barcode, you need to type out the sku manually in order to pick the item. 

    Its common sense to be able to touch and item and select pick, but you cannot do that. You need to manually type out the WHOLE part number to scan it in. 

  • Not great for stock take either as you cant scan one item multiple times in different spots for it to add them together. You can do this on the web interface.

  • What's the work flow like with this scanner? Is it simply replacing a wireless scanner connected to a computer or laptop or is it 100% handheld?

    Since it's running Android, do you access DEAR through the WMS app?

    Andre, when you say any PDA with a scanner, does that mean an actual 1D/2D scanner, or any PDA with a camera? The iOS version of the app doesn't seem to use the onboard camera so you need to pair the WMS app with a separate handheld scanner.

    Ben mentioned that it's not great for stock takes, are stock adjustments in the same boat?

    I appreciate the help :)

  • Hi Ryan,

    We haev just used it with the WMS app. It uses the inbuilt bar code scanner. It will run all features on the WMS app. However this app is not like the web interface. It has limited functions. It has a stock take function in built. We where hoping it would include the same same function as the web version where we could scan stock of the same code in different locations and it would add them together. It will not however. It just overrides the last scanned qty.

    It has potential if it could stock-take the same way as the web interface.

  • Hi, 

    We are about to deploy iPod touch 7 with S840 1d/2d scanners, using the WMS application for iOS. I will happy write a review on this once completed. 

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  • Looking forward to it Chris

  • I have used this $89USD scanner for inventory:

    In inventory mode, you can scan and enter a quantity.  The flow is this:

    1. Scan

    2. IF quanitity exists, the sku is returned along with quantity + one.  So, you can scan multiple units and it will tally.

    3.  If you want to add a different quantity to the current sum, you can key in the qtty and press "add", or you can replace the current quantity with a new value.

    The scanner also has other modes:  you can use it as a barcode reader, or a list maker (aka scan many barcodes and get a list of them in order of entry.

    It is not a great scanner--I have another that reads codes that this one can not read, but the interface is excellent for a skilled operator.

  • This seems like a good option but when you're done doing the count, what process do you have in place for getting the count data into DEAR?

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