Fixed Cost Pricing Structure for Products

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It would be great if Dear could implement an option for Margins and reports to work off a fixed pricing structure for cost of base products we sell.

Currently everything works from Average price even though we have an option to enter last cost and fixed cost in the set up of a product code.

The issue is if a cost changes today the margin does not reflect the new cost structure of the true new cost of the product when our sales people are using the margins on product.This causes us to sell products at incorrect current margins as the cost is worked out on avaerage cost, not the current fixed cost.

It is really a big issue for us to sell at corect margins or for our sales to know what discount they can implement to win a sale.

The average cost does not reflect the current buy price of the product therefore the margins(GP) in the sales screen are incorrect.

This is a amjor issue for us if you could please have a look it would be great.

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  • Agreed

    Should also have the ability/option to auto-calculate price tiers based on other price tiers.

    e.g. Price Tier 2 = Price Tier 1 x 1.2

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  • We're also facing similar problems with the "Latest price" vs. "Fixed price". Hopefully we can get a solution as it's also affecting us greatly. We cannot trust the "cost" per product in our Purchase Orders as it may change over time as we place new POs.

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