API Filters - Feature Request

started a topic over 1 year ago

Currently you can filter for a product by ID or name, but not by category.

It would be great if you could add category filters, (and generally provide any foreign key) filter, so that typical reference work flows can be implimented. 

Use case. Customer wants to import certain products into their ecommerce system, making a whole category available.

So the ecommerce system provides the list of categories, as per the existing category API, then the user selects a category, and we display a list of all products for the category, or import all products from the category. 

If for example a client has 8000 product lines, over 150 categories, we do not want to import all products before we start. We also do not want to import products 1 at a time. 

It would be really useful if you could add a filter for /product/categoryID=999


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