Link Finished Goods to easily report on and order raw materials

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need a way to easily report on Finished goods when low on stock, that can subsequently identify the raw materials required for that finished good (from the BOM) and then easily view Stock situation for the raw materials required for the combination of finished goods and group by supplier for easy re-ordering

OR... Would be great (even better) to nominate that we want 100pcs of Product A, B and C and to then autogenerate the required PO for the relevant raw goods required to assemble Product A, B & C as consolidated orders on the relevant suppliers of raw materials on the BOMs of Product A, B & C

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  • Dear is really lacking of simple links in between relevant pages. It makes it a multiple windows operation whist it could be easier, much easier as it is described above. Low stock on an item (order now) or (order all now) with a PO to each relevant suppliers and MOQ. It would make the system so much more straight forward and efficient. 

    SAME idea different pages - Customer page - it is not currently possible to create a SO directly form a customer page, Same applies to Supplier...., Inventory aslo falls under the same limitations. 

    Or from this supplier ORDER NOW with all the list of all items from this supplier (But not limited to)- Works aswell with the products page.

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