Repair / service management

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Has anyone got a good solution for managing repairs?  I'm looking for a better way to manage the repair requirements and for users to add comments to a repair / sale.

Currently we have a custom script which allows us to create a "return authorisation" .  This creates a unique SKU that we can sell a customer (and thus their sale won't come up in 'ready to pick' until we receive their repair) and a PO for this SKU.

What I'd like to do is have some custom fields that we can use to capture requirements, and ideally a way of users adding notes to the repair as different aspects are completed.  

We already use the Additional Attributes for a Sale so we can't use these.

One option is to have a link in DEAR to an external google doc to keep track of all this but that seems a little clunky.  Are there any good repair management systems or modules which will integrate well with DEAR?  Any other ideas? 

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