Feature request Import Export functionality with Superscript/symbols

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Hey guys,

This is something I had a discussion with Kushmi, it'd be nice if dear could push in and out symbols such as ° and Ø type characters with integrations such as shopify. Specifically my issue was product names, where these symbols were converted to "?" which in a large 700 product database is a nightmare to find and fix.

Also it would be nice if integrations could get more work so we could get a "preview" of what field data was about to be pushed up to shopify or down.

To take a step even further, is if we could even select which fields we wanted updating, ie, descriptions only to update, or product names etc. Rather than a whole bulk up/down.

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  • Yep definitely need this too.

    We have product names with superscript text, and they also come through the import/export replaced with "?"

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