Variable discounts from single supplier

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It would be really handy, if you could set different discounts for products sourced from a single supplier, for example I have Supplier A who gives me a flat 30% off on all purchases regardless of what the item is - I set this on the supplier page and it then is automatically applied when I purchase with them, works great. 

But Supplier B gives me a 35% discount on Product X, and a 60% discount on product Y and Z. This means I cant set the discount at the supplier level, and the product discounts wont work either as you can only have 1 per PO, and I often by the products X,Y and Z together. 

To do this currently I need to remember who gives what discount on what product.  Its getting very hard to do and also doesn't have any corporate continuity (ie I just remember and have to tell others!)

This would be a great feature to set up in the supplier tab for individual product/SKUs as sometimes I buy the same product from multiple suppliers and they all give varying discounts, this would be the place to link it through.

If someone has a workaround though - I would love to hear it! 

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