Shopify sync time with DEAR to reduce to every 5-15 minutes

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 Hi All,

I would suggest that Shopify sync time with DEAR to reduce to every 5-15 minutes as this is a really useful development for clients. Currently this happens every 1 hour or else we have to manually integrate it every time a transaction happens.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Thank you.

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  • Thank you Nimesha! This is a much-needed feature. With Shopify orders coming in constantly for a busy online store, there is no way that 1 hour sync is enough when there are 10 or so more orders coming per hour. What about when a business promises same day delivery - 15mins sync is a must!

    DEAR, Australia's ecommerce industry is growing. Surely this is a requirement of DEAR to improve this timing in order to assist the US market. Please let us know if this can be improved and the timing set to 15mins. 

    It would be perfect to have a setting that the business can pick - Sync every 5 mins, every 15 mins, every 30 mins, every 1 hour, every 2 hours, every 4 hours. This should cover it all and those that don't need every 5-15 mins, can set to every 1 hour. 

    We are really keen to get this improved. Please vote everyone! :) 

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  • I Agree.

    5-15 mins sync is a must. 

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  • I Agree. 5-15 mins sync is a must.

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  • This is a significant issue. Please review.

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  • Orders syncing only every hour also does not give a clear view of stock on hand on Shopify.

    The stock on hand on Shopify is controlled by the DEAR stock availability amount.

    Because of the time lag with orders coming through so slowly these amounts go out of sync which can result in overselling on Shopify.

    Adjusting the sync time to a smaller interval would ensure that problems like this do not occur so this feature is a must.

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  • Agreed. We need this asap. Similarly, we need the orders to be pushed to Shipstation more regularly, or to have some control factor. As it is now, we have to manually pull every order into Shipstation to keep up with workflow.

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  • we need this ASAP

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  • I Agree. 5-15 mins sync is a must.This is a significant issue.

  • At least having the option would be very useful, as opposed to a static 1 hour sync. Especially as e-commerce continues to grow rapidly, businesses cannot wait an hour for orders, it would be like waiting an hour in a bricks and mortar store to get your order served!!

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  • Please give s this feature

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  • Agree. we have been caught out by this delay many times and it makes for unhappy customers and staff!

    We have two bricks and mortar stores, we have just switched to the DEAR POS from vend to try to reduce stock discrepancies 

    Need this urgently. 

  • Syncing is now taking 1-3 days to pull sales from Shopify into DEAR. We need this fix ASAP!

  • This would be amazing. Would love if this was introduced!!

  • We need this feature too! Overselling is a significant daily issue, especially for fast-moving items and during heavy sales period.

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