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I have a 2 problems with Credit note in an Advance Purchase.

1. When making a CN, we need to select an order at "Credit Note for" and it loads the order automatically. Great, BUT not often:

If we delete one line by mistake, we are stuck there. no option to reload the order. in simple purchase, we can simply reload it. on AdvanceP, we need to refresh the whole page.

That said, two options would be great (and fast) improvement:

1a. a "+ Copy" button to reload the order is the most needed (the same as on the simple purchase page)

1b. an undo button (for the last action(s))

2. All that said, I feel the most important is if we could only import some lines instead of the whole order would save a lot of time too. Sometimes we have only 1 or 2 products on a 200+ products order! What a waste of time to delete them one by one. Am I the only one facing this issue?

I see two quick way to add this:

2a. Maybe a popup window with checkbox on only the items that we need then a "add" button.

2b. A check box on the CN next to every line. We could click the box to "keep" the lines, than a "delete/clean the rest".

This way we could check only the needed items and save hours (I am sure I seriously lose hours over a year clicking this red trash delete record button ha ha)

Keep the good work, dear is amazing!

Thank you

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