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I wonder whether there might be anything on the horizon for Order Routing import or similar?

We have a client who wants to order route based on postcodes, however it's going to take a crazy amount of time (and risk of manual error) to manually add 2754 postcodes to DEAR.

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  • Same issue today,

    Another client has roughly the same amount of routing logic they need to add into this section and they could easily produce in CSV form but are going to be spending hours manually entering this into the UI.

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  • We are in the same situation. 1800+ postcodes/suburbs. Needs to support a CSV import.  DEAR will not import for us via the backend :(

    Have to consider complex GUI automation scripts, that parses data on each iteration. Annoying.

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  • Hi Everyone, 

    I have got word from the Development team that next week 27th July the DEAR BA team will start writing up the specs to have import export functions available for order routing. Once I know the release date I will update. 

  • Hi All,

    Please note that this change is been implemented. 


    DEAR Team

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4 people like this idea
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