Support different fulfillment for Shopify POS vs Shopify website on same DEAR-Shopify integration

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For DEAR-Shopify integrations, when a business has a website and POS for the same Shopify store, they inevitably would like to set up the DEAR connection to have Auto Pick-Pack-Ship for POS sales and often something else for website sales, such as manual fulfillment (no Pick, Pack, or Ship).   It would be great if the DEAR-Shopify integration supported these two different types of sales coming from Shopify.

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  • Additional note: It would also be helpful to have two Locations for the two types of Shopify sales.

    Note that this feature request would only support one DEAR Location for all Shopify POS sales.  I do not know how DEAR would support more than one retail location using the Shopify POS integrated with DEAR.  It would take a much more detailed integration, one that, I expect, would start to resemble the DEAR POS.

  • Based on my conversation with Dear support, this can be achieve by Dear differentiating between fulfilled (but not archived) orders and unfulfilled orders from Shopify.  Basically have an Auto Pick-Pack-Ship setting for Shopify-fulfilled orders (done at POS), and another Auto Pick-Pack-Ship setting for unfulfilled orders.

  • The issue, here, Zach, is that - yes, you can use different automations for different kinds of orders - but only if you are using entirely separate Shopify stores. This differentiation you are referring to is not available within in a single Shopify integration.

    What they want you to do is clone your Shopify store and add the cloned store separately to DEAR so that you can have one set of settings for POS orders and another set of settings for regular orders. This is insane. Nobody wants to take the time or money to keep two separate Shopify stores running simultaneously for one business.

    I've suggested that they simply add SHOPIFY LOCATION as a conditional qualifier for creating automated workflows using their existing workflow automation tools. This would take almost no time at all to implement on their end and would solve this issue for all Shopify /Dear users.

    As it is now, if you have a website and also sell using a POS, you might want to look elsewhere.

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  • Hi JPR, I know they don't have this capability yet, I was just offering it as an alternative solution.  Your solution also seems quite effective.  Hopefully they figure something out soon!  We have been using it for our store which sells both online and in-store, and this is really our only complaint.  It's fine while we're small, but will get unacceptable as we grow.

  • We've started testing other workflow automations to resolve this issue, and almost have something working. There is a bug with the workflow tools at the moment - but when the folks at DEAR have it fixed, we should finally have a way to deal with this.

    Basically, when orders come through the POS, as long as you aren't shipping the items sold at the POS to someone, you leave the shipping info blank - and then the order comes into DEAR with no shipping address. In the Workflow Automations you can use Shipping Address as a conditional element to launch certain actions; what we currently have set up is that 'if the shipping address for a given order does not contain any letters of the alphabet in lower case or upper case, then...' and from there you can set the list of actions to trigger, including AUTHORIZE PICK, AUTHORIZE PACK and AUTHORIZE SHIPMENT. Essentially, the lack of a shipping address would create a chain of automated events that would close those orders out for you without requiring manual intervention. 

    Unfortunately, though, there is currently a bug in the system that is stopping workflow automations from processing fully...but they are working on fixing this. Hopefully it will be resolved soon; when it is, I'll post back here.

    I've attached a screengrab showing the automation setup. Don't waste your time copying it, because it isn't actually working at the moment. But the logic is there and should work correctly once DEAR is done troubleshooting whatever bug is holding it back. You'll notice that instead of using every letter of the alphabet, I just used the vowels, because it would be impossible to spell any full address without at least one vowel :D

  • Hey JPR,

    This is awesome!  Please do let me know once you have a fix.  It looks like you're almost there! :D

  • Hello again. 

    As of this morning, the bug holding my suggested temporary solution back has been fixed.

    To reiterate for those who want to try it:

    Basically, considering that almost every POS transaction will come through the system without a shipping address unless you specifically choose one during the POS transaction, you can use the SETTINGS>AUTOMATION>WORKFLOW area of your DEAR admin panel to set up a workflow that matches the one shown in the attachment here. Essentially this workflow says that if an order has no shipping address, autopick, autopack and autoship - which closes the order out completely and allows DEAR to deduct the inventory properly for the order. 

    For this to work, you have to have the INVOICE STATUS setting on the Shopify Integration page set to AUTHORISED.

    This is tested and working as of this morning. Keep in mind that if you have any other type of order that you process in your Shopify or DEAR system without using a shipping address, this workflow will also impact those use at your own risk after you consider all the possibilities.

    For us, this solves one of the biggest 'issues' that we had with DEAR. Thanks to their dev team for fixing the bug that was holding this back.

  • That's awesome, thanks for sharing the update.  The only downside is that we have customers who buy online and in-store, meaning that often they will have an address recorded in Shopify system :/ I'm assuming this would screw up this method?

  • It will only mess up the system if you're selecting a shipping method and entering a shipping address - in which case I assume you plan to ship the order anyway, so you wouldn't want it to auto-process. 

    In the case of traditional POS transactions where the customer walks out of the store with the items in their hand, then there is no need to actually select the shipping address. You just scan your items, select the customer (or not, it's all the same with regard to how the order gets processed), and then checkout. The order will flow into DEAR with no shipping address associated to the order.


  • Interesting.  Thanks for the help.  We always select a customer when they come in so we can track their history.  But Shopify seems to automatically designate a shipping address in the order if they have filled in their information online before (whether we select a shipping method or not), so that's what I am concerned about.

  • I'd be curious to see how that is happening with your system, because Shopify POS basically operates by a series of default behaviors unless you're using some 3rd Party Apps that change the checkout process. About 50% of our local brick'n'mortar guests also have online accounts and they insist on using their accounts at the POS so that they can get their loyalty points and track order histories.

    When orders come through the POS, the shipping address is always empty as shown in this attachment here. The 'customer' used for this test order definitely has a shipping address, as do all of our online guests who also shop our showroom - and as you can see, the order comes through with no shipping address assigned - even if within DEAR you have assigned a default shipping address.

    Are you using Apple or Android? On Android devices you don't even get the option to add a shipping address, and on Apple you can just skip that step by simply not pressing the ADD SHIPPING button before pressing CHECKOUT.

    Now, if you're using Shopify Mobile instead of Shopify POS, or desktop Shopify as opposed to the Shopify POS, then, yes, it will add a default shipping address and there isn't any way around it. But if you're using the actual Shopify POS app, the only way to get an address on the order is to press ADD SHIPPING.

  • Ah yes, that is likely the problem.  We are using desktop, but can easily switch to a mobile device if that fixes the problem.  Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it.  We will definitely explore this solution :)

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