Manufacturing Improvements (forecasted vs actual production)

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Manufacturing is a complex business I understand, but some improvements may be good to include in DEAR's Manufacturing Module:

Include in a forecasting tool, the ability to have projected sales figures, actual sales figures, planned manufacturing qty for each SKU, manufactured qty and outstanding manufactured qty for a certain time period.

To explain,

Currently we purchase stock for a set manufacturing requirement for a certain period X - eg. June & July Sales. We'd use sales forecasts for period X less stock/components on hand as a purchase figure.

We then need to look to see what SKU's we have purchased components for so that we don't over manufacture for a particular SKU (otherwise it may take components away from other SKU's).

It would be good to set a max build qty for each SKU for a period of time. eg. if we are manufacturing for June&July sales, we plug in qty 1,000 for SKU1 to be manufactured. Then if we try to manufacture qty 1,200, it brings up a warning, which can be overridden. ("You are trying to manufacture more than you have allocated for period X") 

Conversely, we don't manufacture all one SKU at once, we drip feed it into the marketplace, so if we create batches of 100 at a time, DEAR tells us that we have manufactured qty 500 out of qty 1000 for period X so we could manufacture more if required.

On the dashboard it would tell you what SKU's are still to be manufactured for the period and which were not manufactured on time.

Just a thought :-)

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