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Good morning Dear Community.

Just wondering if someone is willing to share some info on how they manage combined shipments.  Up until the last few days we were able to generate a combined list of sales for the same customer.

For example

Customer Name

Customer Shipping Address

Customer Attribute 1

Customer Attribute 2

** The details listed above need to be unique and only printed/mail merged once.  We were able to achieve this until recently. A change to the Apose Library has removed the ability to use the SET function within If Statements in our Word Mail Merge document.

Now these details are duplicated for each sale selected when generating our combined consignment note.

Was wondering if anyone is prepared to share their knowledge and solutions to this?

  • The wonderful support team at Dear managed to obtain a fix.

    They defined and populated the variables first at the start of the mail merge document

    {SET variablename ""}

    Repeat this for all required unique customer information

    Well done team!!

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