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I would like to see what I have in other software, where you can download a small piece of software and when you print from DEAR depending on what it is it goes to a different printer. Such as Packing list to my A4 printer and my Box Label to my 6x4 printer etc. 

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  • Unless there is a setting I am missing, we only print to 1 printer yet we still have to download/open a pdf and print from there. It would be far easier if you could either directly print from DEAR or have that software Liam has mentioned.

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  • Ditto, also been thinking this....such a pain to have to keep downloading the PDF, then opening it. Unless we also are missing this setting..

  • On the flipside, many would like to keep the option to save the PDF first (for tracking reasons etc) - so when this is implemented it should be a configurable option.

  • This is really a pain to download a pdf first- why can you not select print, and it ocmesupo with the option to print to printer or pdf? quickbooks desk top has it? 

  • Bumping this. I would love to have an option to auto print packing slips when I authorize them. At the moment I have to open the pdf, then click print. This is very inefficient when you have lots of them to do. I'm currently trying a workaround where I use a notification to send the packing slip attachment to a special email address. Then I use third party software to print the email attachment automatically. Problem with this is it takes about 20 seconds. So I'm not sure it's much better. Does anyone else have any workarounds for this

  • We have the same workaround and have the same 20-second delay problem. Also hoping for a fix for this. We process order after order and the whole pick/pack and ship process takes less than 2mins. So a 20seconds delay really gets in the way.

  • Glad I'm not the only one, Liam! Can I ask what auto print software you're using? 

  • So we have it when a Pack is authorised an email is sent to an inbox dedicated to this purpose. We have then hooked this up to PapercutNG which monitors that email address. We installed this onto a spare PC that hosts the Papercut print server.

  • Dear should address this, Locate inventory had integration with printnode. seems ridiculous to have to open PDfs to print

  • is there any solution to this yet? Because we are having the same issue!

  • Not that we are aware of. We still use automation sending emails to a print email that in turn is connected to Papercut NG

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