Parent/Child Customers

It would be extremely beneficial if we could create a parent/child relationship between two customers.

For us the "child" customer places orders, our customer service talks to them about any changes or issues, we delivery it to them.

The "parent" customer receives and pays for the invoices (sometimes the "child" also receives a copy of the invoice, but only for their reference. They do not act on the invoices).

For a variety of reasons, we treat these "child" customers as customers in their own right, so merely listing them as Addresses within the Parent customer limits us in other areas.

I know Xero don't have parent/child customers either making this difficult to implement, but somewhat similar to being able to Ship To a different company in DEAR, at the simplest it would be great to be able to set a different Bill To Customer. It would be necessary to set the different Bill To customer as the default billing customer.

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