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It would be extremely beneficial if we could create a parent/child relationship between two customers.

For us the "child" customer places orders, our customer service talks to them about any changes or issues, we delivery it to them.

The "parent" customer receives and pays for the invoices (sometimes the "child" also receives a copy of the invoice, but only for their reference. They do not act on the invoices).

For a variety of reasons, we treat these "child" customers as customers in their own right, so merely listing them as Addresses within the Parent customer limits us in other areas.

I know Xero don't have parent/child customers either making this difficult to implement, but somewhat similar to being able to Ship To a different company in DEAR, at the simplest it would be great to be able to set a different Bill To Customer. It would be necessary to set the different Bill To customer as the default billing customer.

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  • Totally agree with this request and how it could be implemented. This is a massive feature needed that often stops us from implementing DEAR for some customers and needing to choose another IMS. 

    Is this something DEAR is working on adding? 

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  • It is also worth noting here that QuickBooks Online *does* have parent-child customers.  We work around it when implementing for clients, but it is a pain to need to do it, for all the customers when first setting up DEAR and then any time there is a new parent-child customer or a parent-child customer changes in some way in QBO.  It would be great to have this implemented.

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  • Cin7 has this feature (we just came back to Dear, it's better!). Its a simple radio button to select Bill to Parent company, then select the parent company from a drop down. Xero then only has to have the parent company as a customer.

    Some of our customers have 50+ stores. Really useful feature for B2B.

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  • Hi DEAR

  • (oops i hit send to early)

    Hi DEAR

    Any movement on this feature? We needed it

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  • @DEAR, when considering this request, please note there's at least 2 other Feature requests basically saying the exact same thing, links below.

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  • The workaround we have been using to get DEAR to synchronize QBO child customers is to temporarily disassociate the parent-child relationship in QBO, sync with DEAR, and then re-enable the parent-child relationship in QBO, after which point the child customer continues to be properly associated between DEAR and QBO.  But it is a fragile sort of solution that needs to be maintained - for example, for a new child customer, you need to go through the same process.

    Now, I have run into a situation with a client business where this workaround is not viable, or very painful, because of a constraint in QBO.  See the example below.

    DEAR - We really need this feature request implemented somehow, or some other solution, that will allow synchronization of parent-child customers with QBO.


  •  Given the limitations of Xero, it would be a quick win to beef up the address book model, for example to have an order contact record associated with the ship to address, and I think most importantly, to name the ship-to address book entries, so with a selection various order header data (contact name, contact email, ship to address) is filled at once AND have the order header capture the name of the ship-to entry, which would help reporting.  There is a workaround of putting a name in Line 1 of the address, but it is clunky.  The contact details are important (even if the invoice goes to head office, tracking details usually need an contact at the delivery location).

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  • Hello DEAR, Can you please look at this again? By my count there are now at least 5 separate threads asking for this. In addition to the two Daniel mentioned above, there are another two threads: Surely that is enough demand to make this happen.
  • Hi Dear

    This would be beneficial for our company. We deal with a Major purchaser, but each branch is responsible for receiving their own stock.  Please consider this functionality in future updates?

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