Figuring out purchase and sale order "shorts" ?

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Has anyone developed a process using the existing DEAR Reports to calculate when sale and/or purchase order quantities are different than the received/fulfilled quantities, sometimes called "shorting" an order.

This is a key performance indicator (KPI) for some businesses.

Note: I have also posted the following feature request to hopefully make this an easy process someday.  "Like" the feature request and add a comment to it if you would also like to see this implemented.

Need a report for purchase and sale order "shorts" (KPI for some businesses)

(this was posted on 31-Mar-2019)

  • Good news!  DEAR report for analyzing shorts for sales (not purchases)Fulfillment Details Report

    The Fulfillment Details Report includes all of the following as columns: 

    • Quantity Ordered
    • Quantity Picked
    • Quantity Packed
    • Quantity Shipped

    The one downside of the report is that it is slow.  I would recommend customizing the columns you want using a one day range (e.g. 8/1/2019 to 8/1/2019) and then expand the dates once you have the range you want.  You might not want to do more than a month range.

    Then export to a spreadsheet and add a calculation to identify cases where the Quantity Ordered is different than the Quantity Picked (or Packed or Shipped).

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