Viewing stock availability / on order / allocated within a Sales Quote/Order & Purchase Order

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It would be very helpful to be able to view the stock availability when doing quotations or sales/purchase orders. 

Just like when viewing 'Availability' having these tabs visible on the sales or purchase orders would allow us to view what stock is currently available, the stock already on an order and stock allocated to a current sales order. 

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  • Hi Julie, Currently we use API to retrieve the availability. We can view availability for more than one SKU or SO (draft or authorised) separated by a comma Chk images below.
  • This enhancement request is QUITE valuable and universally applicable across all customers. While the API approach may work, it is custom and not supported, and not easily implemented for the benefit of all customers. 

    In the spirit of the KISS method of web application coding (in which I have more than 25 years of deep experience), there would appear to be a very straight forward and immediately available approach to affecting this application enhancement. The code (part number of SKU) list page already exists and shows this information. It is not a complex web app coding issue to simply add a link or tab under each SO line item to view the existing page filtered by the SKU (code or part number) from the requesting SO line.

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1 person likes this idea
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