Ability to not overwrite all fields on an Individual Product when it's Product Family is updated

started a topic over 1 year ago

Not all products under the same family need the exact same configuration. Think of default location, reorder quantity or tags, for example, which clearly can differ from one variation to another. 

That is not possible at the moment. If a product is part of a family and you change certain field values in that individual product, when the family gets updated, for whatever reason or minimal change, all those changes get overwritten by the family's configuration.

It needs to be a way to prevent this. I suggest that by default the product family configuration only applies to newly created items and not to existing ones.

I acknowledge, however, that sometimes is useful to change the value of a field on many different family "members" at once, that's why I also suggest creating an option to overwrite certain fields on certain family members in which you can choose which fields and which members.

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1 person likes this idea
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