List which fields are overwritten by Product Families on the Individual Product

started a topic about 5 years ago

Some kind of reference at the Product Family configuration view would great, if not, an article detailing which fields are being overwritten will suffice.

It's important to know which fields are going to be overwritten at the Individual Product level when you click the "Save" button on the Product Family

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  • Hi, I don't agree with merging this idea with "Ability to not overwrite all fields on an Individual Product when it's Product Family is updated". This idea is to know how the system currently works, the other one is to improve the system. Ultimatelly, it would be ideal not only to know which fields get overwriten but also to have control over them and be able to pick and choose. It is not reasonable that all products under a certain family have to have the same "reorder quantity", just to put an example.

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6 people like this idea
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