Global Manual CC List

started a topic about 2 years ago

Currently, when you go to send an email, Dear will typically auto-add the email of the customer/supplier, and the currently logged in users email address to the email.

If you want to add additional email, you can click the plus (+) button to the side, and add people from the supplier/customer.

However, if you want to add emails that aren't part of the company, for example people from within your own company, you have to manually type out their email.

I am aware there is a Global CC list, which automatically sends all emails to that address, but what I am after is different.

I want to create  list of email so when I click the plus (+) button, their names show up and I can add them if I want.

Manually typing in email addresses is prone to mis-types, which has happened multiple time before, meaning emails dont arrive at their intended recipient.

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