seperate quotation number

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(ticket #117074) 

it is a problem raised from one stoqo client. 

they have a requirement of strickly follw SO number sequence. the number of first order strat from SO-00001, if they have 4 SO, the SO number of 4th SO should be SO-00004. SO, They can not how many SO till now from the biggest order number. 

this client also have quotation process, currently, when user create a quoation, their is no seperated quotaiton number, it is a SO number. 

so there is two questions:

1. cient think that quation is not a real order, system shuold generate a quation number, not SO number. it is not completly precise. 

2. if they create a quation, a new SO number will be generated. if that, a SO number is reserved.  if they create 2 SO, and 4 quotation, the biggest SO number is SO-00006, But actually, they just have 2 real SO. the other 4 number is of quation, not SO.

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