NEW vs RETURNING Customers (Report) + CLV

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It would be great to be able to pull a report that identifies new v's returning customers (even just adding a field to the SALE INVOICES & CREDIT NOTES REPORT which show's total sum of invoices for customer would work)

This would solve my second thing too which is to easily see the Customer Lifetime Value at a glance. 

Currently quite a slow/time consuming process to manuall check.

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  • I strongly support this idea. We do subscriptions and it would be good to see how many subsequent- payments each customer has made. Having total number of invoices in exported file would certainly help.

  • Update: I have had this report created by using VBA, (i found a smart guy on Upwork that built it for me in excel) 

    We also use the Sales person to identify the first sales contact (mybusiness-web) and then subsequent orders for this customer that we manually create use another sales rep (joe bloggs) This shows us how many website orders we are then turning into direct customers/on account. 

    Be great to add it to the core reports, what would also be great is the option to export sales/ for all time. (currently limited to 12 months.)

    CLV, AOV and New vs Returning customers are the critical reports in our business.

  • This is still a report that would save my organization time, it currently requires manual massaging of multiple data exports.

  • Trenton, have you got an example of a report you'd like created? 

    I can run it past my developer/excel geek.

  • David, this report currently has to be done with various vlookups to compare customers that have ordered in a certain time period to all customers, or just customers in another time period. For seeing new customers we have to compare the month's sales to our sales from previous months which includes multiple exports.

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4 people like this idea
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