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Would it be possible to restock items from a credit note to a different location that was on the original order?

For example: 

  • An item is shipped from the main warehouse and delivered to the customer
  • The customer then want to return the item for some reason or another
  • A credit note is issued
  • The items are restocked into inventory, however, need to be quarantined or checked for quality control purposes
  • It would be ideal to restock the inventory via the credit note into another location than on the original order 

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  • I wanted to bump this, as this is the exact issue that we are having and it is causing quite alot of problems. 

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  • BUMP!!!! I need to restock to different location for returns that are defective items. 

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  • Agreed. This is important for our team, too. Wishing this was an option right now. 

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  • Agreed our whole customer return process is made complicated by the system. We dont want to restock the products until they are physically returned, but we need to provide them with a good return note. Also our stock goes into a different location so we can inspect prior to putting back into our main stock.

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  • It doubles the work. The items are stocked back to original location, but items that are physically stocked to a different location then needs to have a Stock Transfer done. It's a lot of extra work. 

    Also, for credit notes itself, it would be nice to be able select SKU to credit and restock without having to associate it to a sales order. 

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  • This would be great for our business too! 

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  • we need this too!

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  • BUMP this too for a different reason.  

    We sell and fulfill to an online marketplace called Takealot (is the amazon equivalent dominant player in South Africa) from our own warehouse. However if the marketplace order is cancelled or returned the stock is physically put back into the marketplace location and it quite often resold and fulfilled by Takealot before we are even aware of the return/cancellation.  This means we have to restock to our warehouse (current Dear restriction) and then create a transfer to the Takealot MarketPlace location within dear before the new Sale can be created. Unnecessary actions for a commonplace processflow.  

  • BUMP!

  • BUMP it up.

  • Important our side too - BUMP

  • BUMP!

  • Hi Everyone!

    This feature is available for credit notes received from Shopify:  Feature 2: Shopify – Restock a returned product at another location 

    This is also possible with DEAR POS where all sales generated in DEAR will be shown in the sales history on POS and you will be able to restock the product to the relevant outlet of the POS:

  • Super stoked, thank you!

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