Mobile sales app

When will DEAR release a mobile sales app to allow salespeople on the filed to access live inventory information and enter orders from their mobile? Your main competitors Unleashed and Tradegecko already have this.

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  • Agreed. This HAS to be a priority, it is one of the key bits DEAR is missing. Sure, a B2B Portal can be used by a Sale Rep on their phone but it is clunky and the Saleperson on the Sale cannot be attributed to them. It’s time for this to be built!

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  • Yes very much required and a high priority please

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  • I use DEAR Website on my Iphone without a problem because DEAR website is Dynamic (Web App). If you have tried it on your mobile, what issues do you encounter?
  • This would be amazing to our business needs. Def would make our onsite visits to customers, very happy.

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  • Bumping this to get more likes. Unleashed has this as a clear winner over DEAR, and there would be clients choosing Unleashed purely on this basis.

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