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When will DEAR release a mobile sales app to allow salespeople on the filed to access live inventory information and enter orders from their mobile? Your main competitors Unleashed and Tradegecko already have this.

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  • Agreed. This HAS to be a priority, it is one of the key bits DEAR is missing. Sure, a B2B Portal can be used by a Sale Rep on their phone but it is clunky and the Saleperson on the Sale cannot be attributed to them. It’s time for this to be built!

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  • Yes very much required and a high priority please

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  • I use DEAR Website on my Iphone without a problem because DEAR website is Dynamic (Web App). If you have tried it on your mobile, what issues do you encounter?
  • This would be amazing to our business needs. Def would make our onsite visits to customers, very happy.

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  • Bumping this to get more likes. Unleashed has this as a clear winner over DEAR, and there would be clients choosing Unleashed purely on this basis.

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  • This would be great.  With the ability to assign customers to sales reps so that they only see their assigned customers when they log in.  And offline access and barcode scanning please.

  • This would be fantastic. We rely on multiple sales reps and currently we use handshake but it has its limitations. Both TradeGecko and Unleashed offer this type of App which is why DEAR needs it. 

  • We have just moved to DEAR.  For us to continue improving our management of stock, sales process and the flexibility of doing business, we NEED an SALES APP.  I needs to have the following:

    - ability to work off line

    - ability to generate a QUOTE, SALES ORDER/WORK ORDER or an INVOICE seperate to stock movements

    - ability to obtain a signature of the person receiving the goods & services (PROOF OF DELIVERY).  Quite often the person receiving the goods is not the person paying and in large companies they like to know that the person who received the goods was authorised to do so.  Having this information when questioned has ensured that they pay us.  We currently are still doing these transactions on our paper system and the Admin team are entering information (duplicate data enters, increased data errors and stops Tech’s for learning the correct stock item number

    - ability to EMAIL and/or TEXT the sales document

    - and most importantly, allow use the USERS to determine what information appears on the SALES ORDER screen.  For example, with work that is done for. Account holders, we just need COMPANY NAME, CONTACT PERSON, STOCK ITEM, QTY, SERVICES provided (i.e. labour), ALL THE ADDITIONAL FIELDS WE HAVE CREATED plus the ability to move where they are placed.  For fast data entry, we need to set our own order, and once a filed has been entered the TAB and/or RETURN (on tablets/iPads) KEY moves you to the next data entry field.

    We would be MORE THAN happy to help with the testing to this App.

    We have attempted to us the POS and full SALES screen but it’s way to busy and is very slow for data entry.

    Like others said, your competitors have an option like this....Unldeashed did not manage stock values correctly for us, and TradeGecko lacked other functions.  I have been slowing looking at a 3rd party option to allow us to enter SALES, capture signature by using a FORM.  Have not progressed far as I feel this is something DEAR should be providing.

  • Is there any update on this.

    To stay relevant, I think DEAR needs to have this option

    The B2B portal and the POS are great for what they are but they don't handle SALES ORDERS that have Additional Fields added to them.

    Our field staff really need a faster way to enter data

    There are FAR too many clicks

    We really need an iPad/tablet solution where we set what fields can come up on the screen and in what order

  • Very much agree. We need this ability.

    Having e-signature ability would be very handy for proof of delivery. Then Dear can truly be a one stop shop!

  • Is there any updates on this? 

  • Have not heard anything.

    We can't be the only businesses that need this.

    I am not sure the way DEAR measures if something is needed is done the best way.  If they sent for starters all subscribers an online survey to gauge what Users want, I reckon they would get a better response.  Not all Subscribers/Users use this method to engage.

  • Come on DEAR, please can you advise of the progress of this request.  It is a fundamental requirement for our Sales team.  The online, POS and B2B is too chunky and slow with data entry.  Also not able to use Custom fields in POS or B2B.

  • agree it should be a no brainer

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