Amazon and Other Ecommerce Returns

We currently find the system for dealing with returns from Amazon and other ecommerce links frustrating.  

The options are to either:

1.  Search for the individual sale that has been returned.  Convert it to an "advanced sale", create a credit note, restock the item, add the payment...  We find this takes about 1.5 minutes per return.  At 20 returns a day, this quickly becomes a boring process that takes hours of time a week.

2.  Deal with in bulk weekly with a "work around".  At the moment you cannot create a stand alone credit note for products (only service items).  So we create a weekly service item that credits the money and then do a stock adjustment to return the products.  This is problematic as the returns are not recorded in the sales module.  So when you run reports you only get the total gross sales of an item (in financial and quantity terms), not the sales net of returns.

An easy solution would seem to be to allow products to be added to stand alone credit notes.  Then reports from Amazon could be uploaded into a stand alone credit note on a weekly basis - reducing a job that takes hours to minutes.

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  • much. We sometimes have returns from a customer that spans through several different orders and it's such a hassle having to go into each order individually to enter in the credit. It's also not very practical to give our customers 10 different credit memos for a single return. 

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