Resurrection of the Neto integration

The Neto integration was withdrawn from new users, I think due to the attempt of Neto to offer ERP features and a feeling that Neto was moving into competition with Dear. Well, Neto's ERP features don't really impress anyone two years later, and meanwhile Dear has added lots of capability. Neto at least had an early pick/pack solution on mobile devices, but that was then. Overall, the gap is as great as ever. I don't see Neto as a serious rival to Dear in terms of stock management. It is a much more capable front-end for both B2C and B2B. 

There are people using it  and it is shame that Dear is ruled out. Competing products get my support in these circumstances, which is a shame because Dear is mostly a better choice. 

  • I can second this, We're moving away from Neto to DEAR because of dear's impressive functionality in many areas. But they really aren't direct competitors, and having the integration from DEAR to Neto would have made our switch much easier.

    I think having the integration would actually get more customers for DEAR rather than Less, Neto promised the world but have failed to deliver big time, we've been with them for 12 months. 12 months of promises, not a single feature they promised delivered.

    Neto, Like Telstra (Majority Shareholder in Neto), love to run around keeping themselves busy, but they never actually get anything done.

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